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Frequently Asked Questions

We create a rich knowledge-base

Anyfing main goal is to guarantee that our locale stays ok for all individuals. We don’t permit the offer of anything unlawful or hazardous.

We likewise forbid certain things in line with our locale. In the event that we feel you’ve posted a restricted thing, we’ll request that you bring it down or eliminate it ourselves.

The rundown underneath subtleties what can’t be posted on anyfing, in sequential request:

Grown-up as it were

Grown-up amusement (like blue motion pictures)

Grown-up toys or other sensual items


Creature parts

Counting portions of secured species


Note: taxidermy is fine, except if it’s a secured creature

Creature traps

Note: Fish traps and horse traps (which are really trucks) are allowed

  1. Botox and Dermal Fillers
  2. Counting related gear and administrations
  3. Capital bonds
  4. Cigarettes, stogies and related items
  5. Free tobacco
  6. Electronic cigarette channels and e-fluids (with or without nicotine)

Note: Electronic cigarettes themselves and moving papers are permitted

  1. Cream chargers (where not unequivocally for cooking use)
  2. Risky synthetic concoctions
  3. Medications and solution merchandise
  4. Unlawful medications
  5. Legitimate highs
  6. Physician recommended drugs/medications
  7. Steroids
  8. Over the counter medications

Things planned distinctly to assist somebody with ingesting medications

Contact focal points (since they’re solution)

Note: Bongs and water pipes are permitted as long as they are for use with legitimate smoking exercises and don’t accompany any tobacco or illicit substances.

  1. Advanced products
  2. Space names
  3. digital books
  4. E-tickets
  5. FIFA coins
  6. Online records

Virtual product, remembering for game monetary forms or things

Virtual monetary forms (e.g., Bitcoin, Litecoin, and so forth.)

Note: Asking to be paid for a thing or administration in a virtual money is permitted, however the cash itself can’t be sold legitimately.

Some other advanced items

Vouchers and Gift Cards

Phony, imitation, or unapproved brand name things

Guns, ammo and hardware (regardless of whether they’re legitimate to purchase)

Firearms, including compressed air firearms, BB weapons, imitation firearms, and paintball weapons


Ammo, including ammunition for paintball

Note: Paintball gear not identified with the firearm (goggles, gloves and so forth.) are permitted

Chasing hardware

Note: Scopes, ties, and firearm cupboards are permitted

  1. Fireworks (of any sort)
  2. Betting machines
  3. Natural product/gaming machines
  4. Gas meter seals
  5. Scorn associations of any sort
  6. Human parts, remains, or administrations
  7. Blood, bone, and waste
  8. Benefactor, surrogacy, and richness administrations
  9. Organs
  10. Sperm and eggs
  11. Utilized pregnancy tests

Things advancing disdain, segregation, or generalizations of a specific gathering of individuals

  1. Counting gollywogs
  2. Lottery tickets
  3. Clinical Grade PPE
  4. Nazi memorabilia
  5. Stopping grants

Tip: If you’d prefer to give your go to another person, connect with your gathering

Individual data or mailing records

Mass messages, Internet Protocol (IP), moment courier (IM), or mailing records that contain names, addresses, telephone numbers, or other individual data

Devices or programming intended to send spam

Red diesel

Security label evacuation things

Taken merchandise

This incorporates obstructed telephones or no-signal telephones


Counting supplements that contain DMAA

Tickets not planned for resale. Counting, yet not restricted to:

Football tickets. Counting:

FIFA and UEFA International apparatuses

Passes to England, Scotland, and Wales public group matches

Passes to all expert matches in England, Scotland, and Wales

Connect with the FA or your club to discover how to trade tickets.

Glastonbury tickets

The Open Golf Championship tickets

Train and transport tickets. Note: Coach tickets are permitted.

Opened equipment and programming

Duplicated games, DVDs, and PC programming

Completely stacked Kodi, Android, and Amazon boxes

Games supports

R4 cards (with or without the support)

Opening software (software that opens any electronic thing, similar to a telephone)

Utilized clothing

Briefs, pants, straps, fighter shorts, nappies, etc


It’s unlawful to purchase or sell votes in the UK

Weapons and blades

Blades of different sorts including gourmet expert and kitchen blades

Note: Cutlery/spread blades are permitted

Crossbows and toxophilism sets

Chronicled and elaborate weapons (like Samurai blades and pikes)

Lance firearms

Members need to create an account before they can post ads or send messages on anyfing. Getting started is quick, easy, and free.

To register:

Click Login/Register at the top of the anyfing homepage.
Click the Register tab.
Enter your name, email, and the password you would like to use to sign into anyfing. 
Click Register at the bottom of the form.
You’ll receive a welcome email to the address you entered in the form. To finalize your account, open the email and click Activate Your Account.

You should now be able to login and begin your anyfing. 

No Welcome Email?

If you haven’t received your welcome email, check your email’s junk and/or spam folders. Then, make sure to add to your email’s safe list.

Before you make your promotion, ensure you have marked in to your Anyfing account by clicking Login/Register and entering your record data. On the off chance that you don’t have a record yet, you can register an account in a couple of moments before posting.

To post a promotion:

Snap the Post an Ad button at the head of the Anyfing page.

Type for the sake of what you’re selling so we can propose a classification.

Select from the classifications appeared or click Or peruse to discover a class. In the event that perusing, keep on choosing from the subcategories until the Continue button shows up.

Enter your post code, at that point click GO. In the event that you’d preferably select from a rundown of urban communities, click Select your area instead and pick your city. At the point when you have your area set, click Continue.

Under the Ad Title area, click into the case and type in a graphic title.

Add pictures to your advertisement by clicking Add Images and choosing the documents from your PC. In case you’re experiencing difficulty, follow the investigating steps in our I Can’t Add Photos article.

Snap into the case in the Description area and type in data about your advertisement. Be as itemized as could be expected under the circumstances. In case you don’t know what data you should include, consider what you would need to know whether you were the purchaser.

Enter the value utilizing numbers as it were. The pound symbol and accentuation will be included consequently when you post your promotion.

In the event that you have a site that you’d prefer to incorporate, click the crate under Website Link and afterward enter the URL. We request a little charge to apply the URL to your promotion. For more data, perused our URL Feature article.

Pick your element choices. Highlights are ways to advance your ad and get more perspectives. In the event that you would prefer not to advance your advertisement, you can skirt this part.

Pick your contact strategy. It defaults to the email connected to your record, however you can pick telephone just by choosing telephone and afterward deselecting email.

Twofold check your advertisement subtleties. At the point when you’re prepared, click Post My Ad.

Note: Ads may set aside some effort to go live to the site. On the off chance that your advertisement isn’t noticeable immediately, kindly show restraint. We’ll send you an email to tell you when your promotion goes live to the site. You can likewise check the status of your advertisement in the Manage My Ads segment.

Not allowing you to post?

In the event that you get a ‘please round out completely required fields’ error or see a segment featured in red, it implies that there is data missing or not arranged effectively. Snap into the red area. In the event that it was vacant, enter the data. On the off chance that you previously had data in that field, have a go at eliminating any images or concentrated accentuation. In the event that it’s a number-explicit field (value, kilometers, and so forth.), ensure you use numbers as it were

Altering an advertisement follows the very same strides as posting a promotion. To alter:

Ensure you’re signed into your record, then click on the user menu  at the head of the page.

Select Manage My Ads.

Discover the advertisement you need to alter in the rundown of your dynamic promotions.

Click Edit  next to that advertisement.

Any areas of the page that don’t have a lock adjacent to it very well may be altered. Discover the segment you need to change and include/eliminate data varying.

In the case of altering photographs, click the delete  button toward the side of a picture to erase it. On the off chance that you need to improve the photographs, you should erase and re-include the photographs in the request you need them to show up.

At the point when you’re prepared to post the changes, click Update My Ad.

Note: Editing a promotion may make it be returned through our frameworks to be prepared once more. On the off chance that it’s taking somewhat longer than anticipated, if it’s not too much trouble hold on for us.

What Can’t Be Edited

There are 4 pieces of a promotion that can’t be altered once it has been posted on the site. Here’s the manner by which to manage every one of those areas:


The kind of data we demand changes in every class. Because of this, it can’t be adjusted after a promotion is made. On the off chance that you’ve posted in the inaccurate class, you should erase and repost your promotion.

Private versus Business

In the event that you’ve coincidentally posted as a Business rather than a Private dealer, or the other way around, you should erase and repost the promotion.


When an advertisement has been posted, it’s secured in that area. In the event that you have to transform it in the wake of posting, you’ll need erase and repost the promotion.

Banner’s Email

In the event that you have to change the email that is connected to your promotion, you should change the email connected to your whole record. For directions, perused our Changing Your Account Email article. In the event that the email you need to utilize is as of now connected to another record, you should erase the promotion and repost it in the wake of signing into the right record. It is extremely unlikely to move an advertisement starting with one anyfing account then onto the next without reposting.

It’s easy and free to register an anyfing account. Just choose one of the three ways below:
Email, Facebook or Google Account and just with few clicks you can have an account 

Every advert must have an exact title and include pictures taken by the vendor.
Every automobile or car listing are requested with pictures.
You can’t post a few items inside a similar advert.
Every advert should be brief and clear.

clearly show the name of your item and add some keywords.
2)     Do a research before deciding your price.
3)     Description  and informative listings
4)     Unique and high-quality photos.
5)     Get proactive with reply and calls.